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Redex Nano Lab
Redex Nano Labs is a prominent manufacturer of multi-walled Carbon Nano Tubes (MWCNT), Graphene, and a number of variants of both these nano-materials, by using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method. Redex is research-driven organisation where we keep our principle investment on R&D. We are inspired and motivated by the intention to commercialize nanomaterials and nano-composites, which we believe can bring revolutionary changes in traditional industrial practices. Our objective is to become a globally renowned R&D organisation, which serves to help its customers understand the world at a different scale, and unlock new application house for the future. We provide a number if variants of nano-materials and nano-chemical based solutions for end-user products in a variety of industries, including energy, rubber, polymer, cosmetics, automotive, electronics, and medical.

Nano Applications
Nanotechnology is likely to have a huge impact on our needs and requirements of our daily life and some of which are even inconceivable at present since it has a vast scope. Here, we are merely dealing with some of its most commonly used areas which manifest revolutionary results, enhancing the performance of products in various terms resistance, strength, weight etc.
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